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Meet Our Owners


Great Grandpa Max started his business in 1910, peddling paper bags on the Lower East Side. 

From Great Grandpa Max who brought his family to the U.S. from Prussia in the early 20th century, to our beloved Grandpa Ben, a decorated WWII veteran and partner in Halper Brothers, and, most recently, our late father and industry legend (and the "I" in I. Halper), Irwin Halper, it's a fact that the paper industry has been in our blood for more than four generations--that's over 100 years! 

Today, I. Halper Paper & Supplies is owned and operated by us: two brothers who have a combined 50+ years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality distribution industry.


We hold a passion for this business that is unrivaled by any competitor. That's right: we absolutely love toilet paper, bleach, napkins, brooms and everything in between. 

In addition to inheriting a passion for these very necessary products, we learned from our father Irwin and grandfather Ben that communication, commitment and collaboration are more important today than ever, especially in an industry comprised of mostly large conglomerates and hands-off owners who don't have a personal relationship with their customers.


We regard our employees and our customers as family. That's how Irwin and Ben did business, and it's how we continue to build and thrive. This "family philosophy" also makes going to work in the mornings a whole lot of fun!

"Service as it should be" was the tagline coined by our father Irwin back in 1993, and it still remains our mission. We work hard every day to provide our customers with  exceptional service and fair pricing.


We're the owners of I. Halper Paper & Supplies. And it's our pleasure to do business with you. 

Matthew Halper

Andrew Halper

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